6 Podcasts for the Independent Contractor

These casts from various industries give advice, provide entertainment, and foster a sense of community

Podcasts are a great learning tool because you can listen to them just about anywhere. Tune in while commuting to meetings, getting some exercise, cooking your dinner, or even while working. You’ll gain insight from your fellow industry professionals on changes and trends, learn new tips on the art of running your own business, and enjoy a few laughs. Pop in your earbuds and have a listen to these great shows.

The Rideshare Guy
If you’re a full-time rideshare driver or you drive as a side hustle to supplement another freelance endeavor, this podcast is for you. The host has been a rideshare driver for four years, and he dapples in food delivery through various platforms, as well. He shares his expertise on how to maximize rideshare profits, handle unruly passengers, tackle your taxes, and improve your driver ratings.

Freelance writers will love turning to this podcast for inspiration and insight on reporting, interviewing, researching, penning, and editing. The interviews with experts—like investigative reporters, correspondents, editors, staff writers, and producers—are equal doses thoughtful and witty. They’ll boost your drive to go out, get that next story, and break it to the masses.

The Fitness Business Podcast
Personal trainers and studio and gym owners will thrive on the insight from fitness business leaders in this podcast. Topics include branding and influencing, as well as client retention and acquisition. You might even gain some new fitness and nutrition tips to take your own physique to the next level.

Succeed & Shine Training
This podcast caters to direct sellers and addresses topics like online party planning and execution, recruiting, promoting, goal setting, scheduling, attending conferences, and more. Host Kris Carlson, mom of three, has been an independent sales consultant since 2009, when her husband’s job loss spurred her into entrepreneurship. She shares her expertise with others who are looking to go that route or grow their existing businesses.

The Web Ahead
This one is for developers and web designers. Host Jen Simmons and her expert interviewees, including industry game-gangers and other influencers, geek out about evolving technologies, the ever-changing landscape of the web, and how people view and consume content.

The Accidental Creative
Animators, graphic designers, illustrators, writers, and artists of all kinds should tune in to this cast for business tips, inspiration, camaraderie, motivation, and even tricks for wrestling with ego. Host Todd Henry interviews fellow artists, writers, and business professionals on pitfalls and successes to help others foster their creative growth.

Solopreneur Hour
No matter what industry you work in as an independent contractor, this podcast fits the bill. Think of these info-packed episodes as your life and business coach for growing your ideas, work, skillset, and more. After a listen, you’ll feel solid in your decision to go solo and be your own boss.