6 Things Every Rideshare Driver Should Have in Their Car

Stock your vehicle with these items to assist you with the unexpected

If you’re a rideshare driver, your car is your office, and every good workspace should be set up with the right equipment and tech tools of the trade. We’ve researched the top items great rideshare drivers swear by.

Dual-lens dash cam
Other than a cell phone and the necessary apps, you really don’t need much tech to perform a rideshare job. But a dash cam could back you up in the event of an accident where you’re not at fault or in the case of an unruly passenger. A duel-lens dash cam records both what you see through your windshield and what happens in the car’s interior. Most dash cams record automatically when you start your car and power down when you turn off the key. They save footage to a memory card until that card is full, and then older footage is replaced. If you invest in one of these, be sure to check your local laws about recording passengers and follow rules about notification.

Vomit bags
No one wants to think about this necessity, but you’ll be glad you did. Vomit bags, or emesis bags if you prefer the technical term, will come in handy for any passengers who may have overindulged in adult beverages, for those who may succumb to the occasional bout of motion sickness, and for anyone who might just be feeling ill. Rideshare drivers frequently ferry passengers to doctor’s appointments and to and from the ER. Keep these bags stashed in the seat back pocket. Hopefully that’s where they’ll stay.

Cleaning kit
In the event that someone does leave a mess in your car, whether from illness, spilled food or drink, or any other unpredictable scenario, a cleaning kit can make all the difference in keeping you on the road. Plus, it will save your car from stains and smells. Stash napkins or paper towels in your interior for easy grabbing. In your trunk, keep rags, cleaning solution such as upholstery cleaner or a bottle of soap and water, and a pair of rubber gloves.

Washable blanket or towel
Some rideshare passengers will be accompanied by service animals, and under federal law, drivers are required to accept those animals into their cars. Many drivers have an open policy and accept most pets as well. In the case of animals in your car, you may wish to have a blanket or towel available. This will help eliminate hair from getting on your seats. Of course, a towel may also be useful in the event you pick up a passenger who’s been stuck in the rain or other inclement weather.

Lint roller or hand vac
A lint roller goes a long way in doing touch ups on car seats, but some rideshare drivers go as far as keeping a cordless hand vacuum in their trunk. Either device can catch crumbs, hair, dirt, or other debris and save you the time of having to find a gas station or car wash.

Charging block and adapter cords
Carrying a cellphone charger with a car adapter is a no brainer, but when you’re a rideshare driver, you might have a few more gadgets to think about, like a dash cam, iPad, or a GPS unit that’s separate from your cell. Plus, you don’t want to forget about your passengers. They’re phones might need a boost while en route. A car charger with extra USB ports and various adapter cables that extend to the back seat will definitely earn you better reviews.