7 Podcasts for Direct Sellers and Marketers

Add these casts to your queue to gain inspiration and insight to help meet your goals

The field of direct sales and marketing is ever-changing. And whether you’re new to running your own business or have been doing so for decades, you’ve probably recognized the importance of staying on top of trends, techniques, and tactics for growth. Plus, engaging in the camaraderie of others who do what you do has the power to inspire you and infuse you with renewed energy. We’ve rounded up the following podcasts so you can always have a pulse on the industry and a lifeline to other like-minded entrepreneurs who understand your business from the ground up. Several of these shows also provide insight into maintaining operations through tough times, including the current COVID-19 crisis.

Rock Star Recruiting School

Sarah Robbins, host of the Rock Star Recruiting School Podcast, is no stranger to network marketing during an economic downturn. At the same time that she was laid off from her kindergarten teaching job, her husband’s landscaping business also took a financial hit. That’s when Robbins pivoted to a career in network marketing. Her swap and rapid growth helped her retire from teaching and also retire her husband from landscaping. Now they both focus on network marketing together. Learn their tips and tricks through her inspirational episodes.

MLM Nation

In MLM Nation, a weekly podcast for five years running, host Simon Chan interviews MLM leaders from around the globe to gain insight into their strategies and tools. Experts share everything from the basics of their morning routines to the business growth hacks that have helped drive their remarkable achievements.

Street Smart Wealth at Home

Jackie Ulmer, host of the Street Smart Wealth at Home podcast began leveraging the internet as a marketing tool in the late ’90s. According to her website, she built a multi-million dollar business in direct sales all from the comfort of her own home. Now she coaches others how to use social media and develop a business strategy that attracts prospects beyond their own personal network of friends and family. Her podcast explores consistency and accountability, values and priorities, growth in life and business, and how to close a sale.

The Pam Sowder Podcast

The self-proclaimed network marketing queen Pam Sowder has a podcast that merges both business- and life-goal advice in an energetic format. She interviews consultants, CEOs, sales experts, couples, and more to get their takes on growth, branding, networking, and work-life balance.

The Strategy Hour

Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams from the Think Creative Collective host The Strategy Hour, a podcast featuring online marketing tips for entrepreneurs. Their expert interviews and tips are geared toward anyone running an online business, whether in direct marketing or in a creative field. Find takeaways for being productive at home, using email automation, growing an online audience, and how to leverage your personality type to boost your business.

Network Marketing Breakthroughs

The Network Marketing Breakthroughs podcast, brought to you by guru Rob Sperry, functions as an audio pep talk at your fingertips. Episodes tackle strategies for never running out of contacts and leads, the no-no’s of social media marketing, tried and true tactics for recruiting, and methods for increasing engagement.


You’ll likely recognize the name Rachel Hollis. She’s the author of the wildly popular New York Times bestselling book Girl, Wash Your Face, followed by Girl, Stop Apologizing. Hollis also hosts her RISE podcast, an upbeat, no-nonsense take on running one’s own business. The podcast, geared toward women, focuses on personal branding, goal-setting, strategies for working from home, and life advice for those with an entrepreneurial spirit.