7 Things Every Delivery Driver Needs in Their Vehicle

Boosting safety, comfort, and convenience, these items will up your delivery game

Delivery drivers are in high demand right now. Whether you’ve pivoted to delivery recently or delivery has always been your main gig, you know that planning properly for your shift is a must. We’ve put together a checklist of items drivers should have in their vehicles for those little surprises that crop up.

Food carrying cases

If you specialize in takeout or grocery delivery, keeping food hot or cold and from leaking all over your vehicle can be a challenge. Giant, insulated, waterproof containers that are collapsible when not in use, can be a game-changer. Earthwise sells a set of two so you can use one for hot and one for cold grub. Owning several can come in handy if you’re managing multiple deliveries at the same time. Drinks are a particularly tricky food-order issue, especially if your vehicle has minimal cupholders. Rubbermaid has a caddy that can hold up to eight beverages. Plus, you can easily clean the carrier after each shift.

Clean-up supplies

Paper towels, disinfecting wipes, a disinfecting spray, small trash bags, and a brush and dustpan are all items you may want to keep in your vehicle. You never know when you might need to tidy up after a mishap with takeout containers, grocery items, or other deliveries that have the potential to create a mess. Disinfectant can help keep you safe from germs that could cause illness and keep you from being able to work.

Germ protection

We live in a brave new world. The novel coronavirus has changed delivery in times of shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders and for the foreseeable future. A mask and hand sanitizers are must-haves. Check out this DIY for making a no-sew mask with things you have at home. And this GQ piece tells you where to get in-demand hand sani.


The type of gloves you may need will depend on the kinds of deliveries you most frequently make. If you deliver groceries or food, you may wish to wear disposable Nitrile gloves you can change frequently. If you transport heavy packages, furniture, landscaping materials, or other bulky items that have the potential to wreak havoc on your hands, these machine-washable work gloves will be your best friend. If driving all day on most days is the thing that tears up your palms, fingerless cycling gloves offer both protection and breathability.

Labeling or packaging gear

Whether you deliver food or packages, labeling materials, like a Sharpie and packaging stickers, will come in handy. For takeout, you can label bags and drinks by drop-off point. Stickers are a great way to remind customers to rate and tip, as well. Check out these friendly prompts on Etsy. If you deliver packages, packaging or duct tape may also prove to be a lifesaver if you have a box in your delivery queue that’s coming apart at the seams.

First aid

Pack a first aid kit. Delivery drivers are subject to any number of hazards ranging from minor cuts and scrapes to food burns and dog bites. You may never need to open your first aid kit, but if you ever do require a bandage, antacid, or headache reliever, you’ll be glad you have a stash in your car. You can build your own kit or purchase one online that can easily be carted with you if you use company-provided vehicles.

Water and snacks

Never leave home without a large water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout your shift. Also, keep a stash of nonperishable foods like granola bars, beef jerky, nuts, and other items in your vehicle or backpack. If deliveries are surging in your gig app, stopping to eat can be tough. Likewise, if you’re a package or other type of delivery driver, you’re bound to get a hankering for a snack along the way.