Coronavirus and Your ICBA Insurance Coverages

Many of you might have questions about this virus and how it’s treated with regarding to your insurance coverage with the ICBA. We encourage you to read through the information below to develop a plan in the unfortunate event you or a family member contracts COVID-19.

WellCard Savings Health Discount Program

If you don’t have health insurance coverage, our WellCard program can help you save on your healthcare expenditures if you get sick. The WellCard, given free to all members, will put you “in network” with over 400,000 physicians and 45,000 service providers so you can pay for services at discount prices. In addition, you have access to the telemedicine service 24/7 Doctor. For $45 per consultation, certified physicians can consult, diagnose, and if medically appropriate, prescribe medication for your illness. Click Here to access your WellCard  account.

Major Medical Insurance

This type of health insurance will provide the greatest level of protection for both at-home care and in-hospital care. Things are changing daily so check to see if your selected insurance carrier is doing things like offering free testing, lowering deductibles, waiving co-pays and dropping co-insurance costs related to coronavirus illness. Insurance companies are voluntarily improving benefits and state and federal government are considering mandating improvement in plans for COVID-19. There is also some talk about allowing for a special open enrollment period, so look for any announcements on that if you need coverage or want to improve coverage. Call the telephone number on your insurance card to ask about any updates to your coverage for coronavirus.

Short-Term Medical Insurance

If you didn’t buy major medical coverage for 2020, you might want to consider buying a short-term policy to cover you until the end of the year. Make sure that you can meet any pre-existing condition requirements that might affect you. We are not yet sure how any mandated government actions might affect these plans if you have already purchased one. If you want to review any short plan options available in your area, Click Here.

Basic Medical Insurance

These limited benefit plans can pay toward doctor visits, lab tests, prescription drugs and hospital stays if you get sick. There is a limit on the benefits paid so make sure you know what additional costs might be charged by your service provider – either ask before or at the time of service so that you fully understand your out-of-pocket outlay.  Regardless, look to make sure you are getting in-network pricing.

One tremendous benefit included our Basic Medical Insurance is free Teladoc telemedicine service. You can schedule a physician call with zero cost by calling 1-800-835-2362.

Accident Insurance

Our accident plans do not cover coronavirus expenses but you should know that Teladoc service is also included in your plan and available for you to use for any reason, even if it is not an accident.  You can schedule a physician call with zero cost by calling 1-800-835-2362. Take advantage of this free telemedicine service if you think you are getting sick with coronavirus!

Life Insurance

Once placed in-force, a life insurance policy will pay out for death due to complications from COVID-19 so your beneficiaries would be paid.

In conclusion, the ICBA wants to help you through this crisis. If you have any questions or need direction, your fastest response is to email us at cs@icbassociation.org. Alternatively call us at 866-425-9935 and we will assist you as best we can or direct you to the appropriate party that can do it better.

Stay safe.