Don’t Let Working From Home Wreck Your Health

Stay fit, motivated, and energized with these tips

Being your own boss has a ton of benefits, like flexibility and no commute, but it can also have negative effects on your health. When we work from home, we move less, and we have easy access to our snack stashes. Plus, a stressful, always-on schedule can derail even the best fitness or sleep habits. We’ve compiled ideas to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your at-home work day along with tips for keeping your work-life balance in check. 

Put one foot in front of the other
If your commute involves moving from one room to another in your house, you’re likely getting less daily walking in than the average office worker. At home, you can find ways to add more steps to your work routine. Take a morning walk to the neighborhood coffee shop. Stretch your legs with Fluffy after lunch. Or head out for a late-afternoon stroll through the park. Every little bit counts.

Schedule a sweat session
Your calendar is likely packed with project deadlines and calls, but just as you schedule time to tackle tasks, you should also schedule your workouts. Aim for a mix of cardio and strength training throughout the week, and if possible, plan to hit the gym or the trails at the same time each day. The habit will stick, and you’ll look forward to that block of self-care time in your schedule. Morning exercise revs you up for the day, whereas a pre-dinner session helps you transition from work time to free time. A midday workout can be beneficial for when you need to re-focus.

Eat mindfully
Working from home offers freedom from the office doughnut pile, vending machine, and the occasional afternoon birthday cake, but your own fridge and pantry could be just as dangerous. Stock your kitchen with healthy, grab-and-go fare. Pre-cut fruits and veggies are ideal for snacking or compiling a lunchtime sammy or salad. Beware of eating in front of your laptop. Stress, or even loneliness, can lead to mindless munching. Keep a tumbler of water at your workspace to stay hydrated and to satisfy your fidgeting urge.

Put your laptop away and get some sleep
One of the biggest drawbacks to running your own show is that you’re in charge of everything, and that can create time-management issues and stress. You might be tempted to work into the wee hours of the night to catch up on projects, invoicing, or emails, but sometimes just closing your eyes is the best thing you can do for yourself. Lack of sleep will leave you feeling low energy, which could increase your appetite or reduce your motivation to workout.