Get at These Great Gigs

Fun on-demand jobs you didn’t know existed

Gig work is a great cash-making solution for any number of reasons, but rideshare or delivery driving are just someof your options. An increasing number of industries are turning to gig apps to staff the right people for the job. One of the best things about on-demand work is that you don’t have to lock yourself into a specific field. Maximizing your work time across multiple industries can prevent burnout and even help you make more cash. Check out these three fun gig options you might not have considered.

Brand ambassador
Brand ambassadors are the energetic folks who pop into bars and clubs to hand out swag promoting a specific product. They also work festivals, concerts, trade shows, sporting activities, and other events to highlight a brand offering, whether it’s the latest gadget, gear, snack, clothing item, or more. Brands also sometimes hire ambassadors to go “on tour.” You might be tasked with driving a branded vehicle to hand out samples, for example.

One of the biggest perks of brand ambassador gigs is getting free access to the events or shows you want to attend anyway. You’ll have to work, but you’ll have fun in the process and get the chance to meet new people. Plus, you’ll likely get tons of samples, swag items, and freebies for yourself.

A possible con:
Being a brand ambassador requires high energy. You’re generally on your feet for long hours, often moving from one place to another, and talking to an endless stream of people. Even if you’re an online brand ambassador rather than doing in-person work, you still have to focus your energy on being engaging.

Who should be a brand ambassador?
Ambassador giggers must be outgoing and personable. These jobs will make introverts squirm.

Event staffer
The companies or brands that host tradeshows, conventions, conferences, festivals, races, pop-up concerts, flea markets, and more need people to staff them. Hiring year-round salaried employees for all of the available jobs usually doesn’t make sense. That’s where giggers come in. Event staff includes greeters, ticket takers, information providers, ushers, set-up and take-down crews, flyer distributors, security, etc.

Event staffers often learn a variety of job skills quickly and can work their way into different types of event-staffing roles as they gain experience and comfort with various tasks. Perks include getting to be a part of events you might not otherwise have the opportunity to be involved in, meeting new people in your city, and sometimes even traveling.

A possible con:
Event staffers sometimes work busy shifts in large crowds.

Who should be an event staffer?
If you like working in a fast-paced environment, learning new skills, and being in-the-know, you’ll enjoy a variety of event-staffing gigs.

Hospitality gigger
Maybe you’ve had a regular job as a server, host, or cook, but did you know you can do gig work in the hospitality industry? You might also find gigs at venues or clubs that have pop-up events. Chefs, line cooks, servers, hosts, bartenders, bar backs, caterers, and more can all find gig work in the hospitality field.

By gigging, you can pick up shifts when you want and work as little or as much as you want—instead of being tied to just one establishment, like a specific restaurant or bar. You’ll learn the ropes at different places and boost your overall skillset. You’ll also meet a wide range of people and make new friends all over your city.

A possible con:
Working in multiple locations means having to remember and pay attention to a lot of details.

Who should be a hospitality gigger?
If you’re a detail-oriented, organized person who likes to switch things up rather than report to the same workspace every day, than hospitality gig work will be up your alley. Hospitality gig work is also perfect for people with side-hustles or artistic or entertainment careers that prevent them from being tied to a set shift schedule.

Where to look
On-demand jobs in these fields can be found on a variety of gig-finding apps. You can also search Craigslist or apply with local staffing agencies to be included in their talent pool and receive their requests for on-demand workers with your skills.