Networking Opportunities for Direct Sellers

Get connected with the movers and shakers in your industry 

If you work in network marketing or direct selling, one of your biggest challenges is likely networking for sales leads and also for staying educated about changes and trends in your industry. We’ve compiled a list of events, resources, and organizations that can help you get and stay connected.

Chances are you can find a direct-sales Meetup group in your area for staying in tune with how others are managing business challenges. You should join additional meetups with like-minded people, as well, for finding friends and sales leads. Search the meetup groups that match your hobbies and interests and start attending right away.

Community Resources
Check in with your local chamber of commerce to find community events or networking opportunities with other business owners. Local clubs (like Rotary, for example) also help you stay connected to your city. Join and participate in neighborhood Facebook groups or email lists to learn who your neighbors are and what makes them tick.

Network After Work
If you find typical networking events boring and stifling, try Network After Work. Events take place at fun venues across 85 cities in a casual atmosphere. Sip a cocktail and meet other go-getters in your town.

The Mastermind Event
The annual three-day Mastermind Event is a conference for direct sellers to learn from aspiring leaders and to take charge of their careers.

Referral Organizations
Join a local chapter of a referral-networking organization that only accepts one person per field of expertise. That way you aren’t competing with people in your region who do the same thing. The largest of these organizations is BNI. If you’re giving referrals to other members, you’ll see referrals come your way. LeTip uses a similar referral method.

Women Only Organizations
Many networking groups cater to women only, and their members find a great deal of camaraderie, inspiration, and motivation. Try Xperience Connections for a low-commitment, inexpensive option. Find expert advice with LadiesWhoLaunch. Or join the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), one of the largest and oldest women’s organizations.

Use Social Media
Find entrepreneur groups online that focus on direct sales or network marketing. A quick Facebook search will reveal several you can join. Just be sure to follow each groups’ rules, engage with fellow members in a helpful way, and visit the feeds often for leads and learning. You’ll likely also find social media groups made up of other independent contractors who do direct sales or network marketing for the same company or brand that you do. Engage with these communities to stay on top of trends, industry news, and learn from those who are excelling in similar roles.