Read What’s Hot Around the Web: July 2018

We’ve curated some of the top topics circulating the web regarding the gig economy. In this installment, we cover a book you might want to check out if you’re a rideshare driver, protections you can add to your work-for-hire contracts, an analysis of worker culture, and how Facebook is connecting home improvement providers with home owners in need.

Take a tour of The Rideshare Guide.
Harry Campbell has dubbed himself “The Rideshare Guy” for his prolific blog and podcast offering advice and tips and tricks about rideshare and delivery driving. Now you can get his knowledge in a portable paperback, The Rideshare Guide. Take a tour of the book via YouTube.

The guide covers topics on what it’s really like to be a rideshare driver, how to get started, how to earn favorable reviews, how to maximize profits, and more. Campbell started as a part-time driver in 2014 while still working as a full-time aerospace engineer. He quickly jumped ship from the nine-to-five life to make a living as a driver, blogger, podcaster, and now author.

Include sexual harassment language in your freelance contract.
If you opt to be your own boss instead of working for one, that means you’ve got to take measures to protect yourself via contracts from issues that could arise like late payments, non-payments, project scope creep, rights to your work, and more. You may not have thought about including language regarding sexual harassment in your work-for-hire contract. But without an HR department to back you up, you might want to consider it. Thankfully, Fiverr and AND CO, are here to help. They’ve now included “built-in sexual harassment protections” in their standardized contract. You can send their standardized contract to your clients and include rates, project specifics, and other terms.

The grass is always greener; but is it?
This Entrepreneur article features an interview with Jeffrey Pfeffer, a Stanford professor and author who talks about the dire state of the workforce. In his new book, Dying for a Paycheck, Pfeffer examines job stress impact on employees. But in this insightful interview, he also debunks the myth that independent contractor life is all rainbows and unicorns. He delves into the pros and cons of salaried positions and freelance or solopreneur work and how the overall culture of an always-on mentality coupled with economic insecurity isn’t helping anyone. The interview is a gut-check for the workforce as a whole. And the takeaway is that the sweet spot of work-life balance can be difficult, no matter if you’re snagging a regular paycheck or raking in sporadic freelancer income.

Will you find your next gig on Facebook?
If you’re a plumber, electrician, house cleaner, handyman, landscaper, or any other type of home improvement provider, Facebook might be a lifeline to more gigs. This Fast Company article talks about Facebook’s Marketplace service as a go-to for people in search of independent contractors to help them tackle tasks on the home front and as a platform for those workers to connect with homeowners. This is a no-brainer since Facebook has long been a place where friends and neighbors make recommendations.