Membership Classes & Benefits

The ICBA makes available different levels of membership to assist in your efforts as an Independent Contractor.

Basic Membership:

Cost: $12 per year

Basic Membership provides access to all ICBA resources include ongoing educational information, benefit programs and discounts for the ICBA member and family. The specific benefits included are:

  • 12 month membership in the ICBA
  • 12 month membership for your spouse or partner
  • ICBA Insider – Our publication for members
  • Resources to assist your business as an Independent Contractor
  • Access to exclusive products and services: benefit programs and discounts, health insurance, dental coverage, eye care, and pharmacy services tailored to the needs of independent contractors
  • Deep discounts on office supplies, copy and print services, travel, entertainment, and student loan services
  • Advocacy for assistance and critical information for Independent Contractors

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Other Sponsored Memberships:

The ICBA makes available other membership classes to very large groups of independent contractors through approved sponsors. This includes our Gig Sponsored Membership for independent workers with approved platform companies that have contracted with the ICBA to cover their Gig workers. Contact us if you would like to know more.