Membership Classes & Benefits

The ICBA makes available different levels of membership to assist in your efforts as an Independent Contractor.

Basic Membership:

Cost: Free

Basic Membership provides access to all ICBA resources. ICBA resources include: ongoing educational information, benefit programs and discounts as well as the WellCard Health Discount Program for you and your entire family.

The WellCard Program provides immediate health care discounts including:

  • Doctors’ Visits – Nationwide coverage with up to 50% savings
  • Prescription and Generic Drugs – Save up to 65%
  • Dental and Vision Care– Nationwide coverage with up to 50% savings
  • X-ray, MRI, and Imaging Services – Save up to 70% on MRI, P.E.T. and CT Scans
  • Medical Network, Surgical Centers, Lab Savings and much more…

To date, the WellCard Program has saved ICBA Members over $500,000 in health care costs!

Basic Membership is Free – Join Now to Experience the Many Benefits of Membership in the ICBA

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Premium Membership:

Cost: $18 per quarter

Premium Membership includes ALL the benefits of the Basic Membership – PLUS – the Family Protection Plan. The Family Protection Plan consists of many services that will aid your business as an Independent Contractor. These services include:

  • Free and Discounted Legal Care
  • Free Tax Preparation and Advice
  • Financial Education and Credit Counseling Service 24/7
  • Life Events Counseling 24/7, and
  • Identity Theft Prevention, Restoration and Insurance

Each service has tremendous value individually! For ICBA Premium Members all these fantastic services have been bundled together for only $18 a Quarter – that’s Only $6 a Month!
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Join Now to Experience the Many Benefits of Membership in the ICBA

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