The ICBA fulfills it’s purpose by providing timely and unique custom content and equipping Independent Contractors with relevant tools.

The ICBA aims to educate members on topics affecting freelancers and to provide resources, inspiration, and motivation to help individuals become, or to continue to operate, and thrive as independent contractors.

Custom Content

The ICBA Blog hosts an ever-growing selection of articles in four major areas of interest to independent contractors:

  • RESOURCES” features apps, networking, tax info, and more to help independent contractors do their best job possible.
  • WORKDAY” provides the information independent contractors need for goal-setting and task-tackling in the gig economy.
  • LIFESTYLE” offers money-saving, stress-relieving, and health-boosting ideas for freelancers in their off-time.
  • IC SPOTLIGHT” introduces conversations with stellar independent contractors from across the nation for added inspiration.

The ICBA Insider

Our e-newsletter, provides members with a compilation of timely ICBA blog articles, independent contractor action items, and additional insight—direct to their inbox.

Apps & Tools

The ICBA provides up-to-date info on the latest apps and tech tools for members to help manage and maintain their business while maximizing productivity.

Check out our 45 Fabulous Freelancer Apps & Tools You Need to Know Now —  From invoicing to workflow management, these apps and platforms help you wear all those necessary independent contractor hats.

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The ICBA introduces members to advocacy websites and provides links to important forms, tax information, business-planning tools, and more. These resources help independent contractors stay organized and in compliance and offer assistance and critical information for growing their careers and passions.


  • (The U.S Small Business Administration) delivers millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions, and other forms of assistance to small businesses.
  • (Bureau of Labor Statistics) provides insight into current trends and the pros and cons of the gig workforce.
  • provides the necessary forms and associated tax info for independent contractors.
  • is a legal blog about independent contractor compliance, published by the law firm of Pepper Hamilton LLP.
  • is an online learning center where independent contractors can improve or expand their skillsets or monetize their own knowledge and teach others.
  • is an online community and resource center, powered by Adobe, for creative independent contractors.

  • offers freelancers a place to list themselves in a robust and growing talent pool where clients can discover them.
  • takes the LinkedIn platform to the next level by allowing vetted independent contractors to bid for jobs with top professionals and businesses.
  • (Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts) connects creative professionals and artists of all kinds with volunteer legal and accounting assistance.
  • is an online publication featuring content and resources for those in the gig economy.
  • is a list of open legal documents that freelancers have socially curated so that others can customize and create their own contract templates.
  • is an online center for journalists and other writers to find jobs, take courses, and stay abreast of industry news.
  • is an organization defending first amendment rights and promoting ethics and diversity in journalism.
  • is a not-for-profit website aimed at protecting the interests of rideshare drivers.